What we do?

We are your partner for everything concerning valuation and importing a car, motorcycle or motorhome.

Our expertise is in the evaluation of the value (also; determining the depreciation), import and BPM on motor vehicles. We make valuation reports on behalf of imported cars (BPM reports) and calculate the most favourable way to make your BPM declaration. To do so, we can use a valuation report, valuation list or declaration using the depreciation table.

But we do more than this: we also determine the value for oldtimers, youngtimers, classical cars and customized cars on behalf of the insurance of your most precious possession. Is the liquidation of the damage on your car unfair? Bolsenbroek & Partners is happy to be of service on such cases.

A disagreement with your repairer or are you a repairer who has a disagreement with your client? Bolsenbroek & Partners is a justice expert and has the knowledge and experience to professionally doubt or argue the (in)justness and avoid a trial. We can also help to guide a inevitable trail and to advance the economics of the trial.

You can find a overview below.

BPM (tax) Valuation

Are you planning to import a car to The Netherlands? Valuation of your car can be profitable for you on behalf of the BPM. You can turn in the report on behalf of the BPM tax return. To do so it is all about the economic value of the car. This value can exclusively (by law) be determined by an independent recognized register appraiser. We have been making these reports ever since 2004 on behalf of BPM declarations. There is always a B&P appraiser nearby!

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BPM declaration valuation list or depreciation table

When you are going to import a car, motorcycle, motorhome or van you will have to declare BPM. There are three possibilities to so; based on a valuation report, valuation list and based on the so called depreciation list. Besides BPM declarations based on valuation reports, we also make declarations based on the most favorable valuation list or the depreciation table. That is also a specialism which is most profitable when handled by B&P!

Calculate most favorable BPM

Oldtimer/Youngtimer valuation

Do you have an oldtimer, classical car or youngtimer (car or motorcycle)? Of course you have a compliant insurance. A valuation report gives you certainty that the value of your car never will be a point of discussion in case of theft or damage. B&P works according to the ClassicalCarValuation system which guarantees the best possible valuation methodology. The valuation report is applicable for insurances with insurance policies according to Article 7:960 of the civil code.

Motor home valuation

We also make valuation reports for motor homes. This could be a valuation report because you are going to import a motor home or because you want to have a good insurance. Some of our valuators are specialized in motor home valuations.

Economic Value

Do you want to purchase your vehicle from business to private? Or possibly you would like to sell your private vehicle to your business? Prevent discussion with the irs about the value on which you base this transmission. With a valuation of the so-called economic value (Waarde Economisch Verkeer, WEV) you will prevent this discussion. This doesn’t have to be a valuation report in all cases. In lots of cases this can be done in a more profitable and faster way. B&P will advice you for the best option in all cases.

Full service car import

Would you like to import a car to The Netherlands and would you like us to take care of everything? That is also possible! You can have the car delivered at our Full Service center in Heumen or let us take care of the transportation. After several days you can pick the car up with a Dutch licence plate in Heumen or we bring the car at your home with one of our own transportation cars. That is what we call care-free import!

Trial Expert and Party Expert

We can be of service to the judiciary as a trail expert. We have wide experience in the automotive branche and can perform as experts in matters concerning motor vehicles.

As a Party Expert we can perform an investigation and draw conclusions for you as a client. On-going trials can thereby through us, potentially in consultation with your opposing party, often be solved friendly. Without mediation of a judge and possibly without a lawyer. Do you already have a lawyer on a on-going procedure? Your lawyer and our expertise often offers the best solution. Though B&P also has a lot of inhouse juridical knowledge by our lawyer mr. Tom Vriesema!

Damage mediation motor vehicles

Do you have a damaged or stolen car? Or do you disagree with the expert of your insurance company?

Choose for the expertise of B&P en create an equal playing field with the expert of your insurance company or the insurer of your opposing party. Let B&P look after your interest from the start, before anything should go wrong!

We also can provide you with alternate transportation and reclaim the justified indemnity.

Bolsenbroek & Partners; your expert automotive partner