BPM calculation

free of chargeBPM calculation

Do you want to import a car to the Netherlands and do you want to know how much BPM you need to pay to get it registered? We can give you an estimate on the BPM you need to pay free of charge.

Fill in the form or send us the specifications via WhatsApp (06-83773362). You will receive an estimate quickly, normally within the hour but definitely the same day if we receive your message before 17.00h.

Do you want a faster answer? Just give us a call on 024-6632202. From 8.45h untill 17.30h we can give you an estimate directly.

*The data you fill in this form is used to contact you. You will not receive any other messages from us. If you want, you can subscribe to our newsletter (which is in Dutch) : subscribe to newsletter.

Wanneer u een auto op internet heeft gevonden, kunt u ons het internetadres (de url) van de advertentie sturen waar u in geïnteresseerd bent. Deze kunt u kopiëren en plakken vanaf de betreffende internetpagina. Benieuwd hoe dat moet?

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