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BPM calculation

Valuate a car for import or insurance

Do you need a valuation of your car? Maybe you want to import a car to the Netherlands and you have to file a  declaration for BPM (vehicle tax). You can do this with a valuation report. In that case you pay this vehicle tax calculated over the real value of your car. We are pleased to advise you on all the possibilities of filing the best BPM declaration.

If you have a classic car you can have it valuated by us for your insurance company. We make FEHAC acknowledged valuation reports which are accepted by all insurance companies in the Netherlands.

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We work all across the Netherlands

One (or more) of our registered Valuators is more than willing to come to you wherever you are in the Netherlands. They often live in a city near you and an appointment can be made on short notice. You can get a valuation report and a BPM declaration at our offices in Heumen or Reeuwijk as well.

You can find our offices in Heumen (near Nijmegen) and in Reeuwijk (near Gouda). We work on appointment at these locations. We request you make an appointment so we can help you the best way we can. Our information is on our contact page.

Import a car to the Netherlands

Do you want to import a car to the Netherlands? In most cases you have to pay BPM (vehicle tax) and file a BPM declaration. BPM is an import tax on cars, motorcycles and campervans. We can tell you everything you need to know in order to file a BPM declaration without you paying too much tax.

We can make you a free calculation up front. We calculate how much BPM you need to pay and which type of declaration is best for you.

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